You are kindly invited to participate in COMMON DREAMS SCHOOL, a series of weekly Wednesday workshops in May with Maria Lucia Cruz Correia and previous participants of the school.

04/05, 11/05, 18/05, 25/05 from 10 – 16h (with lunch), maakleerplek
Leuven, Stapelhuisstraat 13-15.

The recent Covid-19 pandemic and the planetary emergency is no longer an imagined concept of survival, it has become part of our lives. Daily we are in contact with the loss of a river, with the disappearance of a forest or a space dear to us. How can we move and cope within this entenglad mess and find our strength in gestures of reciprocal care with the more than human world?
During four sessions taking place every time in a different location, the Common Dreams School interweaves our dreams and experiments with survival tools as proposals to adapt to the newness and the unknown that we are facing. Throughout these series of communal experiments and hands-on rituals and magical activism we will focus on resilient tools dealing with mental care, modes of kinship, mourning of damaged landscapes.

During the gatherings, we will set an intention to experiment with different methods, as an alchemic transformative process, using new dialogues and vocabulary to resist, reconnect and act. Each session is activated by the energy of the four elements (fire-air- earth- water), as an alignment process with the geopolitical and terrestrial cosmology. Therefore, each session will take place in situ, in a different environment, in the forest, by the river or immersed in a damaged landscape.
The following series will be a special edition of the school. It is an attempt to create a “sharable process” between editions. Therefore, it will have the format of a “confluence”, between the previous participants of the school developed last year in collaboration with Cifas and new participants.


Session 1 – earth – 4th of May
Kinship – Health- Acceptance

Regenerative activism for mental health, grounding ourselves for the unexpected and the unknown. Listening to a damaged landscape in Leuven.
Location: Start from maakleerplek, (moving towards a damaged landscape)
In collaboration with Steven Desanghere and Melanie Ganino

Session 2 – Air – 11th of May
Survival – chasing – Dreaming
While we move between trees, we dig a survival narrative to reopen our senses and craft the newness together with the wind, a story-tale, survival skills and dreams.
Location: Start from maakleerplek (forest)
In collaboration with Delphine Mertens and Melanie Ganino

Session 3 – water -18th of May
Surrender – Empathy- Kinship
While floating, we connect with the body of water to acknowledge its presence as our kin. As we hear its voice we heal ourselves and we
connect with the more than human world.
Location: Start from maakleerplek (by a river)
In collaboration with Vitalija Povilaityte-Petri and Sarah Drapeau

Session 4 – Fire – 25th of May
Possibility – Becoming – Newness

Summing up previous sessions work-in-progress/sharing. Activating the ideas explored in previous sessions in a format to determine collaboratively with the group.
Location: Start from Maakleerplek, (exact location to be confirmed)
In collaboration with Delphine Mertens and Bruna

For whom is this call?
Common dreams is a multidisciplinary school, open for ‘thinkers, doers, performers, researchers, enthusiasts, scientists, biologists, artists, lawyers, economists, activists science, biology, hydrology, environmental law, activism, economics, climatology and anyone interested in

Previous editions:
First edition (2017-18) in collaboration with Voo?uit Kunstencentrum,
City of Gent, Kask school of Arts and Urban Meds Second edition (2019) in collaboration with Contour biennale 9, “Coltan as Cotton”, Straathoekwerk Mechelen and Piraten van de Dijle
Third edition (2020) in collaboration with far° Nyon and Head School of Arts.
Fourth edition (2020-21) in collaboration with CIFAS, Brussels

*Common Dreams: Floatation School, is an ongoing autonomous climate school, taking different formats according to partners and territories, offering workshops on survival, sustainability, climate adaptation, climate grief and loss of landscapes.
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